We value the products and the services for all customers, thanks to our focus to quality and technology.

We have the same passion to realize LTL products. And we share it with who follow us and choice us. Every day. Every day.


We project and produce doors and metal structures for lifts and elevators.
We make hight quality and precision components quickly, thanks to our know-how and technological innovation of our industrial equipment, that are available to all our customers.


The customer satisfaction it’s our goal. With our innate flair for quality, thanks to the constant search for and use of highly prestigious raw materials.
With the investment orientation, which we continuously make and which has enabled us to achieve cutting-edge technological innovation with clean energy-powered production.

Who we are

Accurate arrangements in every detail, marked by quality control.

LTL provides products designed to meet targeted needs that may relate to specific aspects of the product such as: Technology, functionality, materials and sizes.

The advanced technology that you have and the high professionalism of human resources, have allowed LTL to become a point of reference for the quality and reliability of manufactured products.

The new plant is equipped with the necessary instruments to produce high-quality components.

About us

We have started from a small artisanal company that produced hinged doors for the lifts. The company was founded in Rome about thirthy years ago, during the year 1995. We had done the first step, but the way was still long.

At a later time, we wanted to expand and move our base to Albano Laziale city: here the company it’s growed up on a space of 1.600 mq. We have added new items to our range of production. we have improved their quality and we have reached better management of the company.

In 2013, given the high demand for the products and the increase in the number of customers, we began a new restructuring process, both in terms of machinery and facilities. We then found a location in larger premises built on an area of 15,000 square meters(7,000 square meters manufacturing). The plant has been equipped with the necessary instrumentation for the manufacture of high-quality elevator components.

Today we continue our growth together with the people with whom we collaborate, to offer our clients ever more ambitious, stimulating and challenging goals. We envisage new project-based productions intended to meet targeted needs that may relate to peculiar aspects of the product such as: technology, functionality, materials and dimensions.

The quality and reliability of manufactured products, the advanced technologies we have, together with the high professionalism of human resources, have enabled us to become a safe reference point for our customers. We wish to continue to do so responsibly, towards all customers, people and the environment.

Years of activity
Square meters of production area
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100% Made in Italy

Quality is a key aspect affecting our company and is the basis of our road to success.
This makes our products fall within the organization of international standards, and our certifications are a tangible sign of our business philosophy.



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